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DeerDeter - Wildlife Crossing Guard

In a joint venture with IPTE, JAFA Technologies is the exclusive distributor of the Wildlife Crossing Guard in North America.  This innovative new device is designed to reduce, with the ultimate goal of eliminating, deer-vehicle collisions as a result of night-time road crossings. Installed at intervals of 50 to 100 yards, activation occurs when headlights approach the unit during the time period from dusk to dawn when the vast majority of animal-vehicle collisions occur.  When activated, the unit emits a sound that is meant to simulate that of a predator or a cry of fear.  The sound is supplemented by a small strobe type light that is meant to represent reflection of movement from the predatorís eyes.

Activated only at night when headlights are present, this device allows animals to cross roadways at times when they do not present a danger; thereby, permitting access to preferred feeding and bedding areas along traditional migration routes. 

The unit is incased in a weather resistant Plexiglas enclosure that can be powered by solar cells, batteries, or a combination of both.  The final production configuration weighs less than a pound and can be mounted on trees or small poles.  The unit is mounted such that the sound and strobe emitter face the direction from which the animal will approach. 

The ultimate goal of the Wildlife Crossing Guard is to reduce the estimated 150 lost lives, untold injuries, and $1.1B per year in vehicle damages in the United States. The units deployed in Europe indicate that collisions have been reduced by as much as 90%, and a U.S. test site is now underway to corroborate that success rate.

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